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Our key technology is a patented, biodegradable, water-based solvent that is an FDA-approved food additive.

We possess the unique ability to modulate the polarity of our solvent to create conditions ideal for synthesizing aryl aldimines under ambient conditions, affording excellent yields that generally require no further purification. 


We have successfully produced over 350 different imine compounds using our process.


Our proprietary synthetic pathways:

  • Use little energy and occur at room temperature

  • Reduce reaction times from hours/days to minutes/seconds

  • Produce less toxic waste

  • Are completely safe for workers and the environment

Our solvent:

  • Approved by the FDA as a food additive

  • Replaces toxic industrial standard solvents

Our products:

  • Precipitate out of solution in crystalline form

  • Require little or no additional purification

  • Produced at 60% cost reduction

In comparison, traditional methods:

Are energy- and cost-intensive, requiring heating to upwards of 200°F

Can take hours or even several days to react

Use toxic solvents including dichloromethane and toluene

Products generally cannot crystallize out of solution, requiring extra purification steps, adding to cost in terms of energy and money



Dangerous Work Conditions

High Costs of Production

High Costs for End Users

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