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Verdimine is a specialty green chemical company focused on the sustainable production of aryl aldimines.


We were founded in 2017 following the discovery of a new method of synthesizing imine compounds using more efficient,

cost-effective and environmentally-friendly processes.


Using our patented process, we have built an extensive portfolio of over 350 imine compounds. Our products are key intermediates in a variety of high-value industries, including medical, industrial and household.

Verdimine operates with a flexible business model: specific compounds can be purchased directly, or our client can license the technology for its own production.


Verdimine is currently based out of Geneseo, New York. We have research labs in both Geneseo and Oneonta, NY.


Innovative Thinking

At Verdimine, we strive to find innovative and pioneering solutions so that we can continually improve on our processes and produce better chemistry.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our partners. Our processes are incredibly efficient allowing our partners to receive the maximum possible savings.

Responsible Chemistry

We value the safety of our employees, our environment, and future generations- therefore, we take pride in using safe chemical processes that contain no toxic elements.

Sustainable Practices

Verdimine is dedicated to exclusively using sustainable chemistry. We hope to lead the way in the advancement of greener practices to promote a healthier future for everyone.

OUR MISSION: To create high-purity imines, for high-value industries, as quickly as possible, using very little energy, with no harm to the environment.


OUR VISION: To become a major player in the green chemistry movement and to advance sustainable practices to promote a cleaner, safer future for next generations.

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